Learn Through Games

Learning Through Games


Kids use a lot of time playing games. Why not try to utilize this motivation by introducing some games where they actually learn something. The key success factors for our games are (1) that they are fun, which means kids they want to play the games and (2) they learn from the games.

Learn about flags


Try to identify a number of flags in a given time period dependent on the game level.


Approved by Apple

Learn about numbers


Solve a given number of mathematical questions in a given time


Under development

Game to come


We are developing new games with are yet to be be finalized



In concept

Game to come


New games are on the way




In concept

We charge a small amount of money for our games, however they come without ads and in-game-purchasing

In case you have any comments or questions to our games, then feel free to forward a mail to mp@epontoppidan.dk